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3 Best Face Masks of 2020

You’re not a millennial from the age of Instagram if you haven’t taken a selfie with a ridiculous face mask on. Add the “self-care Sundays” caption and you’re more 21st century than the actual 21st century. I am 100% guilty of this, so here are my 3 best face masks for 2020.

For dull skin:

Ole Henriksen’s Cold Pore Plunge is the perfect pre-makeup mask which has a tingly feeling that leaves you feeling minty fresh. It doesn’t strip the skin and shrinks your pores to the size of a 5-year-olds. The bright blue colour also makes for an epic interlude into an early Halloween costume as a Smurfette which I think is 80% the reason I bought it.

For tired skin:

Origins Rose Texture mask is perfect when you have had a tough day and feel like you need a mask and exfoliation all in one. It’s for the tired skin at the end of the week that needs some TLC, and a girly moment to be pink and pretty. The trick with this guy is to leave it on as a mask and then afterwards slowly add water whilst exfoliating the product on your skin. 

For polluted skin:

Living in a polluted city can leave my skin feeling gross and sometimes I need a serious polish. I love the feeling of squeaky clean skin and the Dermafix charcoal enzymatic scrub is exactly the go-to. Being an enzymatic scrub/mask, it is perfect for sensitive skins as it doesn’t have those horrible little plastic particles. It foams up when in contact with water and leaves your skin so shiny you could see your own reflection in it (don’t ask me how that works physically but in my mind it makes sense). Dermafix is a South African brand and the closest thing to it overseas is the Dermalogica Microfoliant.

These face masks are always in my bathroom and I chop and change between them depending on what I am in desperate need of. I always follow with a little hyaluronic acid and moisturiser for good measure. If you want to see the other skin and body care things I love, click here.

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