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Nothing excites me more than a new workout spot in Cape Town. With an already saturated market of athleisure-clad women heading to their locale Seattle before kicking it off in class, it’s tough to take a stance as a semi-newcomer. When The Movement Lab invited me to join in on one of their collab classes with a top NYC trainer, I obviously said yes. I’d tried barre in London and absolutely loved the way it made me feel like I could actually be a ballerina one day. Obviously my co-ordination was way off and I can only lift my leg about two inches off the ground (tight hips apparently), but the way it made me feel was what made it count. 

the sculpt society pop up at Cape Town's best barre studio - The Movement Lab
The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup pop-up at The Movement Lab.
(left to right) Shannon Phillips, Megan Roup, Morgan Shelly and Elena Pappas

As I stepped into this space, I knew it was different. The energy was different. There were about 7 different post-workout face mists in the bathroom from brands I had only seen on my travels (think Mario Badescu and Glossier). “Damn”, I thought, “these girls know the way to my heart”.

I was set to do a signature class with NYC instructor Megan Roup. Since that class, I haven’t looked back. The thing is, it wasn’t one of those moments where the guest instructor leaves you feeling banging so you return to the studio for a class with a local teacher and leave feeling as if you’ve maybe pulled a hamstring and haven’t broken a sweat. No, no. Every. Single. Class. Is. Amazing.

Lisa and Jess (a dream mom/daughter duo) are teaching a level of barre that I have yet to come across overseas. I can’t believe that this studio had been right under my nose and I hadn’t been sooner. It’s the attention to form and function, killer hip hop playlists and sequences that leave you feeling like you are Beyonce on steroids. 

They have just expanded their space and  I cannot wait to go home and ignite my inner badass ballerina. Beyond barre, they offer mat pilates as well as reformer. I am yet to try reformer as I am a bit scared my knee will end up in my teeth and that won’t be a good look for my next job. However, if there is one place I trust to break into the reformer world, it’s The Movement Lab.

*Note: They are also running amazing online classes during this time of social distancing. The classes are 100% as effective as their in-studio classes and I can’t imagine how I’d cope without them. For more information click here.

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