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It Comes Naturally: The Best Natural Skincare

The Best Natural Skincare: Changing over to natural beauty products was top of my list for 2020. Considering the toxic burden of living in one of the most polluted cities (London), I  figured I’d save my liver a load by reducing the toxins that my body comes into contact with. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and I am sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, however, we are quick to throw on any topical creams with the promise that it will make us tighter, younger, firmer and essentially looking like a kid with zero life stresses. 

The important thing with the hop over to toxin-free territory is to:

 a) do it slowly, no one expects you to be a superhuman and make these transitions quickly. It can be expensive and no one likes a burden on the pocket. Slow and steady wins the race. I recommend starting with the product you use the most – deodorant ( I hope) or moisturiser. 

b) check out your current products on super cool apps like ThinkDirty or use the website If they are hovering in the low-middle space, then wait a while before you chuck them out the window. Showing red? Give them the boot now. That shit ain’t good. This website is also great for discovering new products and doing your research.

c) be cautious of ‘green-washing’. This is a concept that is relatively popular in today’s cosmetic world. Companies hide behind and monetize off of words like ‘organic’ and ‘natural’. Also, not all truly natural products can afford to slap these names on their labels. Just because they don’t have them, doesn’t mean they aren’t safe. Check your ingredients list and remember that fragrance, parabens, sulfates and phthalates are the biggest offenders.

I know that finding the best natural deodorant is tough. I know that using a natural body cream is going to be more expensive, however, I am of the opinion that investing the money now is better than spending on the health problems that can occur later on in life.

Here are a few switches I have made, and have found to be the most effective and not too pricey:

Schmidt’s Bergamot & Lime deodorant smells zingy and fresh and actually works. A lot of people used to tell me that you need to endure a few weeks of not smelling the freshest so that your body adjusts to a natural deodorant. However, some of us (me) give up within those few weeks and hop back to the aluminium counterpart (no bueno). I found this one to be extremely effective and it ain’t too pricey (it lasts for ages). If you can’t find this one where you are, I’ve also heard that the Earth Sap one is a goodie. 

The next logical step is to find an effective body lotion. Urtekram’s Coconut Body Lotion is my choice as it has a delicious coconutty smell and hyaluronic acid for locking in that extra moisture. I lather myself in this stuff every single night and have found it to be the most simple and effective formula for me and they have a wide range of natural products that leave a minimal impact on the environment – win for you and win for the planet! Another one that I have recently found is by Laidbare. Their thick, souffle-like body butter is such a treat and ticks all the clean-beauty boxes. This was introduced to me by conscious make-up artist, @Sjaniel. My favourites in South Africa are the Simply Bee range as well as African Organics. 

Natural toothpaste is a must! I have recently learnt about the dangers of fluoride and it’s now a no-go for me. However, most fluoride-free toothpaste is on the expensive end of the spectrum. I opt for Aloedent and it’s frequently on special. If you’re in CT, Himalaya is a great brand.

A few other little bits and bobs that fill my ever-expanding beauty shelf are anything from Cocokind ( their Matcha All Over Stick is the bomb). ALL of Drunk Elephant‘s products are effective but also free from the Suspicious 6™ (essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical sunscreens, fragrances/dyes, SLS) making them cleaner than most.

My go-to spot for clean beauty and toxic-free cosmetics is Linnaean. Based in London, Linnaean living offers a clean approach to beauty. Boasting a large array of skincare products, they can satisfy your every need. My personal favourites are the Allies of Skin Hyaluronic Acid and the Susanne Kauffmann Moisturizing mask. Book yourself in for one of their treatments – you won’t be disappointed!

Undone Store is an online hotspot for your clean beauty essentials housing a host of skincare products. Undone boasts an array of innovative products that aim to protect and heal skin from daily stressors. Use my code UNDONEXMORGAN for 10% off your next order.

Remember, clean living doesn’t only start with the obvious, it also involves any cleaning and household products you come into contact with every day. Earth Sap has an extensive range of cosmetics and household goods. I use Method overseas as they are affordable and have a wide range of products. However, as I said, it’s a slow and steady process but it’s worth it.

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