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Cauliflower Smoothie Recipe

No, not as gross as it sounds. When it comes to my sweet-spot smoothie recipe, steamed and frozen cauliflower is the go-to hack for a thick and luscious texture without piling it with bananas. Personally, I’d rather eat 3 whole bananas than lose them in a smoothie.

sweet-spot smoothie recipe

This recipe serves 2 people (1/2 if it’s just for you) and will take you no time. You will need:


Okay, so there is no need to be a Gordon Ramsay in order to work this method out. You pop them all in your blender and let that do the magic!

It is CRUCIAL not to add ice. This will compromise the consistency. Play around with your usual smoothie recipe and give it some love. I like to top mine with some flax meal, maybe half a fresh banana as you technically only have half of one per serving, or some cacao nibs.

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