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3 Face Mists I Use and Love

Face mists have become sidekicks to many skincare fiends. I carry one (maybe two) in my bag at most times. I have one for every occasion and I am not ashamed of that. Need a plumping pick-me-up? I got one for that. Heading out into the city and want some extra shielding from pollution? I got you. Inflight skin dehydration? Mist me, baby. Here are my favourite face mists to hit the market. 

The Hydrating One

Ever felt like your skin needs that extra boost of hydration in the middle of the day? Same. Winter has battered my skin and that coupled with COVID masks has completely thrown my skin barrier out of whack. After my consultation with aesthetician Florina, I learnt that wearing a mask manifests humidity which in turn dehydrates the skin. You learn something new every day, right? Well, in order to combat that you need to up the hydration. 

It’s annoying when you have a full face of makeup on, have just hit the gym or genuinely don’t want to touch your face. This makes it difficult to apply an actual moisturiser so in swoops a hydrating face mist to save the day. One spritz and your skin cells are drunk. My favourites are the Pixi Hyaluronic Face Mist and the classic all-rounder by Avene. 

The Microbiome One

You’ve probably already been bombarded by the promise of probiotics. I’m still in limbo as to whether I need one. I mean, I want a properly functioning gut but there are so many on the market it makes it damn hard to choose. Plus, with flashy marketing and cute designs – the ones that are the most eye-catching probably do sweet f-all. Well, when it comes to your skin, it has a microbiome just like your tummy counterpart. The good microbes on the surface help keep things cool and casual. They can be compared to the bouncers that would always let you and your drunk friends into the club no matter what. They make sure everything is in balance without kicking up too much of a fuss. 

However, in comes cleansing balms, oils, micellar waters, stripping and soapy face washes and bye-bye bouncers, hello disrupted skin microbiome. Couple that with the incessant over sanitizing COVD-19 has brought in and you have a recipe for disaster. Our skin needs good bugs in order to stay sane. I love Drunk Elephant’s Sweet Biome Fermented Sake Spray to keep things maintained in this department. It’s pumped with fermented sake (yes, the drinking kind), kombucha and hops which fuels your cells with restorative nutrients, while coconut water and sodium PCA – both powerful electrolytes – give hydration and help to divert the bad guys. 

The Bye-Bye Pollution One

Living in a polluted city has definitely done my skin no favours. I can feel my face begin to itch after a day of public transport, inner-city missions and the unavoidable sweat that comes with the heat of the underground. Adding an extra layer of protection on top of your makeup can shield your skin from the harsh realities London brings. This is also a good guy to take along on your summer holidays. Whilst UV light is good in small doses, too much can be damaging to the skin. The REN Flash Defence Mist can combat the long-term damage whilst keeping your skin muck-free. 

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