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Boutique Gyms in London

The evolution of gyms has definitely become a notable factor in big cities. The idea that you enter a workout ‘space’ and have the luxury of choosing between a few different classes, along with space where you can shower and grab an after-class smoothie, is becoming apparent. These wellness and workout escapes lend to an entire experience, thus encouraging a gym to carry more of a brand identity and a certain ‘personality’. London is definitely a strong forerunner in this concept and here are a few of my favourites to visit:

Another Space:

gyms in london: another space

Another Space is perfect for that pop in, pop out vibe. You can arrive there with nothing but your gym kit and everything else will be taken care of. Yoga mats are there for you pre-practice, cleats are available for spinning classes and towels and toiletries aren’t in short supply. I genuinely get excited when I shower here as they have the most amazing shampoo, conditioner and soap by Cowshed. Many of their classes are conveniently 45 minutes, meaning they are the perfect midday stop off. I like to pop in here between castings, knowing I’ll have all the tools to make myself up again after class. My favourite class is Hot Yoga with David and the spinning class I did here was nowhere near as scary as I anticipated.  

Locations: Another Space Covent Garden and Bank


gyms in London: Blok

Talking about gym-aesthetics, Blok has this down to a T. Concrete spaces with abstract art instalments lend to the ‘gallery’ feel of this space. I immediately feel like a badass when I enter Blok and know that the workout I am about to do, whether it be an intense Blokfit or a (still intense) Power Yoga class, is going to leave me feeling good. Blok offers a variety of methods of movement, making it one of the most diverse gyms in the city. My personal favourites are Pilates with Marcela, Barre with Ellya and Blokfit with Corinne. PSA: Blok’s smoothies are also my favourite in London. They aren’t shy with the serving size – topping it up all the way to the brim leaving you with decent post-workout fuel. Don’t leave without a Kickstart or Supergreen.

Locations: Blok Clapton, Blok Shoreditch and Blok Manchester

Core Collective: 

gyms in London: core collective

Keeping with aesthetics, Core Collective has an impressive setup in both their Knightsbridge and Kensington locations. I am yet to visit their St Johns Wood branch however I am sure it sticks to standard. Their studios are spacious, clean and modern. Offering up an impressive list of unique classes, from TRX to YIN yoga, they definitely provide for the west-Londoners. The bathrooms are fitted with the ubiquitous subway-tile which make for the perfect IG mirror-selfie. Their cafe provides delicious items such as vegan pancakes and a good, basic egg ‘n soldiers. 

Locations: Knightsbridge, Kensington and St John’s Wood

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