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Haircare tips and tricks: If you haven’t noticed, All She Does loves skincare. My ever-changing 12-step night-time routine depends on A) my mood, B) how tired I am and C) how life’s going in general. I am of the opinion that a vigorous and well-thought-out skincare and beauty routine can null-and-void any chaos that’s hurricaning in my real-world life. In other words, yes, that rose water beauty tonic is totally necessary if I have done nothing on my to-do list today.

Hair care is a relatively new territory for me. Spending years in the modelling industry and having my hair crimped, curled and doused in good old Elnette has urged me to try and reverse 10 years of damage. In spite of this,  I’ve always had the same hair colour and virtually the same hair length my whole life. Some may call me boring but it seems without knowing it I was doing my locks some good. 

My super long hair at 15 shot by @DanielleKlopper

Cansu @ WAVI:

Owner of WAVI Salon in East London, Cansu, suggests to “never box dye or bleach your own hair! Always use a professional colourist”. Cansu recommends frequent hydrating hair masks which she incorporates into her clients’ skincare routine. I mean, that’s smart. She suggests that whenever her clients do their weekly skin mask, why not pop on a hair mask? If you can get into the habit of one, you can add in the latter. She also suggests regularly trimming your hair about every “6-8 weeks”. I am all for this. I love a visit to WAVI accompanied by, in my opinion, the best head massage ever. Their motto “Women Are Very Important” hits home which makes them a top on my haircare list. 

Hair & Make-up Artist, Renee de Wit

Beauty guru, Renee De Wit, urges you to “never cut your own hair”. Guilty as charged. I have definitely had a few scissor slips and ended up convincing myself that “choppy layers are in right now, no?”. Renee is currently the lead hair and makeup artist for Miss South Africa and any tips she gives these beauties, I am all for. If you’re stuck with which hair mask to go for, she suggests making your own out of “natural ingredients like avocado, honey and coconut oil. Add heat during the mask for extra shine. Heat up the towel with a hairdryer for a few minutes then wrap around your hair and relax.” Check out my interview with Renee where she shares insights into her career as a top dog in her industry.

My go-to’s:

In terms of hair-care products, I try to keep them as simple as possible without breaking the bank. At the moment I am loving the uber-affordable cult hair mask by Garnier. Paraben, sulphate and silicone-free, this universal favourite is always in my bathroom.

When it comes to serums, oils and hair milks I love the Gisou hair oil. Not only is it a lush honey-infused product, but it also serves as an awareness brand for protecting the world’s slow declining honey-bee population. Every product ordered between April and August this year received Honey Bee Wildflower seeds to sow in your own garden. Another stock favourite of mine is the Davine’s hair milk.

I’ve also noticed that using decent hair ties can prevent breakage. What’s better than a scrunchie that gives both your hair and someone else some love? Barabara’s Scrunchies are my go-to. They are not only the perfect fashion accessory but all proceeds go towards giving Barbara’s kids an education. Bonus: you can get your hands on them in both SA & at Visage Collective in The UK. 

So there you have it. I’d be curious to know how you are giving your locks some love. Mail me here with all of your secrets.

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