Industry Insights Renee De Wit

Industry Insights: Renee De Wit (Makeup and Hair Artist)

Back again with episode two of Industry Insights. Renee De Wit is a well-known beauty powerhouse in South Africa. She is not only an undeniably talented hair and makeup artist, but she has grown a successful brand out of her craft. 

She is witty, hilarious and brings energy to a set. I love people like this. They take their craft seriously but don’t carry that through their personality. Renee and I first worked together on a Marie Claire editorial when I was a pale and awkward fourteen-year-old. I could’ve fit right in with the cast of Twilight ( also, Edward Cullen was probably my crush around this time of my life so seems fitting). 

My first shoot with Renee for Marie Claire South Africa

We have since shot plenty of editorials and beauty tutorials together. Renee’s values within the industry align perfectly with mine. Work hard, but be human. Kindness and respect go a long way and those who reinforce this narrative are the ones I gravitate towards. 

The interview…

This interview is jam-packed with invaluable nuggets of information. We learn how Renee transitioned from fashion styling to the beauty industry. Manual labour (i.e taping shoes and lugging suitcases) wasn’t her forte and make-up just made sense to her. She kicked things off in London, where she built a solid career for herself. Renee then migrated home to start again in South Africa.  She jokes about how she has always “done things the wrong way round”.

Renee was inspired by her clients. She picked up on cues that her clients, mostly women, were yearning for more information and knowledge about beauty. Thus, began her endeavour to empower and educate women about the makeup and beauty world. 

Renee taps on tips for novice makeup and hair artists. She emphasizes the importance of learning from your clients which has led to Renee’s incredible ‘database’ of affordable, accessible products which she incorporates into her kit. She also refers to her ‘database’ to offer clients products that fit their profile and, most importantly, their budgets.

Renee works with incredible brands, such as La Mer, which can be attributed to how she markets herself. Renee gives insight into how she reached this point in her career and how it all boils down to hard work.

Tips and tricks

Furthermore, she offers advice to brides-to-be in regards to their big day. She reveals her worst makeup trend, what new-makeup artists should have in their kit and what her biggest beauty splurges are. And, we conclude that fake tan does in fact smell like ‘turmeric-spiced biscuits’.

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