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Linnaean Bespoke Facial: The Best Facial I’ve Ever Had

Ever leave a spa treatment feeling like a new person? I am aware that self-care is a thing of a luxury nowadays. However, the term is making headlines once again in an age of increased downtime and decreased ‘go-go-go’.

Discovering Linnaean during lockdown London has been a major contributor to my ‘self-care’ ritual. The first facial I received enhanced my knowledge on my own skin and introduced me to skincare guru, Florina. Not to mention the online consultation which led me to learn more about my personal needs in the beauty and skincare realm.

However, just when I thought the show was over, I headed back to Linnaean for one of their bespoke facials. I’ve never dabbled in skincare gadgets, nor have I had anything radical done to my skin. However, Florina welcomed me with open arms and an impressive array of tools.

lots of natural skincare goodies to go

Where we began:

Florina kicked things off with a cleanse. I arrived with what I thought was a clean face, however, you’d be surprised how much gunk you can accumulate from tube station to tube station. London, you beaut. We then continued with a facial lymphatic drainage massage. Imagine a light suctioning action which drives lymphatic fluid towards your lymph nodes in order to kick start the detoxification process. This also amps up your skins ability to absorb the products to follow.


In-between chats and bonding over ‘good skin comes from within’ tactics, Florina created a bespoke routine. It began with a salicylic and glycolic acid peel which was set to clear and cleanse my skin from the get-go. This was followed up by machine-driven extraction. This was insanely satisfying. I can compare it to a very gentle Dyson giving your pores the cleanout you never knew they needed.

It doesn’t stop there…

Just when I thought we couldn’t do any more, Florina used pure oxygen with a hyaluronic acid serum to follow. The oxygen provides instant rejuvenation and promotes skin cell turnover. Basically, it kicks things up a notch whilst providing your skin with the best fuel to perform better. The hyaluronic acid increases hydration and makes your skin as supple as ever.

I’ve always been interested in LED therapy but have never used it solely for the skin. I have a red-light at home and have used it to power up my internal energy bank. Florina used LED in my case to once again, amp up my skins ability to perform better and increase cell turnover.

And finally, it ended with a lather of serum and skin-loving moisturizers. Did I mention Florina also gave me a full hand exfoliation and massage whilst this was all going down? I love me a woman who multi-tasks.

The Bespoke Facial at Linnaean is a treat worth pursuing. You (and your skin) will love it.

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