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Linnaean Living: Dr Barbara Sturm Glow Facial

As most of you know, All She Does is a space to incorporate life-style wellness beyond just good physical health. I aim to emphasise how skin and beauty care, the importance of good food (including an Aperitivo in Milan #balance) and many more things can contribute to all-round wellness. 

When I stumbled across Linnaean Living on Instagram, I immediately knew I had to step foot through their (very beautiful) doors. A space fitted with luscious wallpaper, moody lighting and picture-perfect aesthetics, Linnaean Living is your one-stop-shop for good living.

And by good living I mean, a plant-rich menu at their picture-perfect cafe. As well as, treating your skin, hair and nails with love at their award-winning salon and medi spa. And to top it all off, you can take the experience home with non-toxic beauty products to purchase.

The experience:

The gorgeous bathrooms & decor to die for ✨

Being the skincare nerd I am, the Dr Barbara Sturm facial at Linnaean Living was my instant choice. Upon arrival, I was welcomed by the beautiful floral-inspired decor which uplifts the natural vibe of Linnaean Living.

Next up: fresh mint tea and a space to relax before my treatment. Florina, my therapist, began our session with a relaxed chat about my current skincare regime and routine. Immediately taken aback by her vast knowledge of skincare, wellness and general health, I knew I was in good hands. 

The facial began with a relaxing ritual which then flowed into calming steps of cleanse, exfoliate, serums, massage and the final moisturizers. Florina’s confidence in her craft shone through her methodic touch. I instantly felt my skin’s suppleness bounce back as every gesture was done with purpose.

There were no moments of awkward lingering or zero-touch. I was constantly being pampered, massaged and relaxed. Dr Barbara Sturm’s products gelled perfectly with my skin with all of the elements of cooling, calming and regenerating. This facial is something I will 100% invest in, not only for it’s highly noticeable and tangible benefits, but also the ability to switch off and be in the hands of someone who cares deeply about their craft. 

Often with facials, elements of carelessness and rough touch can creep up. (The number of times I have sat on the bed worried that my skin will look worse off than when I came in is endless.) If anything, Linnaean Living gave me faith that you do not need to book a 2-hour massage in the Bahamas to achieve ultimate zen. 

Up next:

Next up on my list at this wellness hub is a lymphatic drainage massage, a sports massage, or a hair-cut and treatment at their gorgeous salon. Considering the current nature of things, self-care should be top of your list. Linnaean Living is one place to tick all of the boxes.

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