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Linnaean Skin Consultation: Skin Chat with a Pro

Linnaean Skin Consultation: After my facial at Linnaean, I was eager to chat with Florina about my skincare routine. As someone that is always trying out new trends and fads in the skincare world (much to my bank accounts dismay) – I couldn’t wait to pick her brain. 

Confident in her craft, Florina’s extensive knowledge of all things skin and beauty shine through during this candid chat. Not only do we delve into the world of hype words like retinol, hyaluronic acid and probiotics in skincare but she also educates me on how to incorporate these successfully into my routine. We cover how to combat ‘maskne’ – the accumulation of annoying spots that develop due to constant irritation and humidity caused by the masks we are wearing.

What I love about Linnaean’s philosophy is that they view wellness as a broad spectrum. Health is an all-round thing and needs to be tackled from many angles. Florina reiterates this with tips and tricks to keep you glowing from the inside such as exercise, supplements to take and the simple act of drinking enough water.

Watch the full consult here!

What can you expect post-consult?

Florina will recommend some products exclusive to Linnaean that will benefit you and your current regime. She’ll offer advice on how to switch things up with your current products as well as guide you on which newbies can be introduced. 

Linnaean will be running these casual consults online throughout lockdown 2.0. There is no better time than now to commit to self-care. Linnaean offers an extensive range of natural beauty and skincare products that are top-class in their formulations. Their range offers a cleaner approach with effective ingredients. 

Book your consult now and shop products on Black Friday as Linnaean will be offering a 20% discount using the code BF20 at checkout. The products discussed in this video (in order) are:

If you book a consultation with Linnaean, please feel free to mention my name. There is no better time than now to give your skin some virtual TLC.

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