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Milan Aperitivo? Yes, please.

Aperitivo Milan: If I were to sip on one cocktail for the rest of my life, it would be a negroni. It took me a while to warm up to this unassuming bad boy but there is nothing better than the way it warms you up from the inside out. I could compare it to someone giving you a big hug, all kinds of orange tinges and cuddly feelings associated.

summer & kristina
my besties, Kristina & Summer

I was lucky enough to traipse around Milan with two of my best friends (Kristina and Summer) last year. Knowing me, they knew I would scour the deep dark internet for go-to aperitivo spots. They both gave some decent input too, so I can’t take full credit. 

Bar Basso (Citta Studi)

aperitivo milan: bar basso
1 extra large negroni, please?

Bar Basso was our first stop. Think old school bar culture with 60s interiors clad with up and coming cool kids, and old-timers. All sipping and snacking away at what the waiters serve up to your table. The negronis are served in caricature glasses the size of a small child with an ice block the size of a Rubix cube. We migrated indoors where we leant on the bar, never not being fed bowls of salty chips or delicious olives (all done with a smile). I felt a lot cooler than I am visiting this place. If you’re not careful, you may sit there after a few negronis down realizing the time has passed quicker than you think.

Fonderie Milanesi (Navigli)

aperitivo milan: fonderie milanesi
So. Much. Food.

Fonderie Milanesi is a little out of town but super worth the visit. The restaurant is set up in an old foundry, tucked away on a cobbled road. I was most blown away by the food here as it ventured beyond the traditional aperitivo offerings. I was so blown away I had to unbutton the top button of my jeans and that’s how I know it’s been a good meal. It’s the perfect spot for a winter hideaway as it’s snug and cosy indoors. However, it also boasts a large patio for those hot summer Italian nights (this should be the name of one of those books sold at a grocery store). 

Locanda da Vinci ( Navigli )

aperitivo milan: locanda da vinci
Parmesan wheel of dreams! (not my image)

Locanda da Vinci is located in the ever-cute area of Navigli. Navigli is the epitome of a traditional romantic scene filled with cute restaurants on the canal’s edge. Dotted with epic vintage stores and cobbled roads, Navigli is perfect an insta-worthy photo. Kristina says, and I quote, that her favourite part is the “giant parmesan wheel you can hack pieces out of”. This is why she is my friend. There are plenty of veggie options and the drinks are “big” according to her. If this doesn’t sell it to ya, I don’t know what will. 

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