night-time skincare routine
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Night-time Skincare Routine

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To be honest, I am mostly too tired after a job or a long day of missioning around to afford myself the luxury of a proper evening routine. It’s often Micellar water and a quick slather of moisturizer and off to bed, I go. However, due to the nature of things at the moment, I have found my self with the extra time to give myself some extra love. I find this ritual pre-bed to be incredibly soothing and comforting. It preps my skin for its good 8 hours of ‘beauty’ sleep.

Also, can we just acknowledge that the term ‘beauty sleep’ is awfully outdated and only applies to the assumption that we are all, in fact, the Disney Princess sleeping beauty (which is highly unlikely)? I definitely do not look my best first thing in the morning, but hey, if you do, then well done and please spill your secrets

Step 1:

I usually kick things off with a cleanser. Groundbreaking information, I know. However, if I have had a day of shooting or, in these times, have thrown on a cat-eye to prance around my living room, I will double cleanse. I love to use the Clinique Take Off The Day Balm. If I skip step uno, then I go to step two. I use either the Kiehl’s Ultra-facial Cleanser or the Pixi Rose Cleanser. Both are fabulous and are super gentle on the skin. They don’t leave your skin feeling stripped however, it does feel squeaky clean. 

Step 2:

Post cleanse, I give my skin a spritz of the Caudalie grape water. This stuff goes with me everywhere. It’s the perfect flight companion or midday freshen up. After that, I go with toner. Toner’s are very new to me but I was lucky enough to work with Pixi beauty and receive two of their trump tonics. I use the Rose one in the evening to calm down any redness and soothe after a long day. If I’m feeling like my skin is out of limbo, I spritz some Sweet Biome Fermented Sake Spray by Drunk Elephant. This spray helps to balance and reset the skin’s microbiome in an instant.

Step 3:

Hopping onto actives, which is something I’m fairly new to. I love to mix two of Drunk Elephant’s products to create a skincare “Smoothie” as they call it. I’ve recently started using their A-Passioni Retinol mixed with a pump of their B-Hydra serum. Finish it off with their Virgin Marula oil for their secret Glow Getter smoothie.

Step 4:

Hyaluronic Acid. The product that has bombarded the skincare industry over the past few years ( maybe I’m late to the party? ) Well, let me tell you, the fuss is worth the fuss. It has changed my skin’s texture and left it feeling plumper than ever. I use the Ordinary’s one which is dirt cheap and they have an epic 365-day return policy EVEN IF YOU HAVE USED THE PRODUCT. Um, what? Is this a dream? I apply it pre-moisturizer as hyaluronic acid helps lock in moisture to your skin making your current moisturisers more effective. Look at it as the little skincare sidekick. If I’m wanting something a little lighter, I absolutely adore Pixi’s Hydrating Milky mist which also has, guess what, HYALURONIC ACID. Yay. I’ve recently dabbled in Allies of Skin’s lovely anti-oxidant and hyaluronic serum as it was recommended to me during my online skin consultation with Linnaean. It’s light, botanical and active which ticks all of my boxes.

Step 5:

Next, and almost final step, I promise, is moisturizers. I chop and change between 3 for the evening depending on how my skin feels. This sounds luxurious, but I promise you it’s what has kept my skin happy. If I am dry, I use Drunk Elephant’s Lala Retro whipped cream. If I am feeling a little oily, I use a gel moisturizer like the Clinique 72 hour one or the Pixi pHenomenal gel

Finally, step 6:

A hydrating facemask has been my saving grace for winter. Not to mention the burden of maskne. I am loving the Susanne Kauffmann Moisturizing Mask as it is a sheer, effective layer of moisture without being too heavy.

I always finish off with the MyMatcha all over balm. This jack-of-all-trades acts as a lip balm, eye cream and extra moisturizer for areas that need a little T.L.C. I also love Drunk Elephants eye cream.

So there you have my night-time skincare routine. Grant yourself the extra time this evening to give back to your body and your skin. It will thank you later! If you want to find the other skincare goodies I advocate, click here.

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