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Things We Do On The Weekend (Cape Town edition)

Weekends in Cape Town: Cape Town is a city full of experiences. When explaining it to tourists, I like to call it the ‘all-in-one’. The nature of being “undefined” runs deep in it’s (very cold) waters. And by undefined, I mean you can be anything or anyone. The landscape lends itself to every surfer, hiker, runner and beach lover. The explosive food-scene dotted with tastes from every corner fuels every self-confessed foodie, chef and diner. 

I love the fact that no one judges you for being an avid wine drinker whilst scheduling your 6 am yoga class. There is no contradiction too alarming for a CT local. The lifestyle lends to a yin-yang vibe – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Kick start your weekend with a class at The Movement Lab. Jess’ 9 am Barre Amplified is a sure way to amp up the energy for the day ahead. Followed by a swim in the sea – it’s set to be a good day. My personal favourites are Saunders and Beta beach. 

I love to grab a coffee post-dip. My favourites are Paulines and Arthur’s Mini Super. Both are very cute, unique and will lend to that very necessary IG story captioned “post-swim coffee” #guilty. 

Breakfast time means you’re going to want to go somewhere you can still bring your pooch after the early morning outing to the beach. The Strangers Club lends to that easy-morning energy and is dog friendly. Their green smoothie bowl is my go-to. Don’t worry – they also do banging croissant-based brekkies for those weekend vibes. The Stranger’s Club also hosts an array of local designer goods to snatch up some cute earrings or an outfit for the inevitable wine-drinking that will happen later that night.

It’s Saturday so why not head out of town to the Winelands? Babylonstoren is basically my second-most tagged place on my Insta. I have no shame in admitting this. A wine farm with unique surroundings, Babylonstoren will ignite your urge to harvest your green thumb. One of my favourite things at this spot is their scent room where you can grab some natural fragrances and soaps as well as create your own body scrub.

The restaurants at Babylonstoren can get a bit chaotic but if you can claim a table at their Greenhouse or sneak a platter at their tasting room – it’s well worth the wait. If not, Noble Hill’s restaurant, Cosecha (which is conveniently next door) is one of my favourites in the area. 

Post-lunch bliss can include a trip to Franschoek’s main road to do some gallery-hopping. Everard Read is my favourite but there are many dotted around the main road.

Heading back into the city, you will want to pop to Leo’s for a glass of vino. A little hub of cool people boasting an impressive wine list and pizza bagels to snack on. From here, the city is yours. With every cuisine catered for at exceptional standards – Cape Town has your appetite sorted.

Roll on Sunday and the blues aren’t in sight. Cape Town has this undeniable way to make you kind of forget all of your adult problems and just float from one hour to the next. I guess it’s a place of great distraction. I like to begin my Sundays much like my Saturdays. Regardless of how much wine I drank the night prior, The Yoga Life is in my diary. I love their power classes at 9:30 but pop into the 11am Sunday Hot26 if you’re feeling like a sweaty practice.  


I often like to head to the Oranjezicht City Farm market pre-yoga. It technically only opens at 9am but I sneak in a little bit before. The chaos kicks in at around 10am and from then on it’s a push and shove to get to the coffee stands. I usually pick my groceries for the week, feast my eyes on the cute doggos and grab a coffee. If I’m feeling hungry, or happen to pop by later in the day, I always go for the Ethiopian food. It can be enjoyed at any hour and is full of genuine goodness. Never leave the market without a haul of vegan and gluten-free goods from Thank Goodness. The antique stall is also one to snatch up a sneaky find. 

Spend the afternoon lapping up the Cape Town coastline. Head out to Muizenburg for a chilled surf followed by a lunch at Courtyard Cafe in Kalk Bay. Or if you want to keep it chilled, a sundowner on the beach with a takeaway pizza or the much-loved Giovanni’s takeout is also a win. 

As someone who has been lucky enough to travel – I still took Cape Town for granted. But I say this with truth and fight me if you think I’m wrong, but Cape Town is one of a kind. 

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