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Second-Hand Tips: Recycle Your Wardrobe with Rethread

Second-hand tips: Spending more time at home often means we are more aware of our surroundings. I don’t know about you, but I have become increasingly annoyed with the amount of ‘stuff’ I have (this blog is relatively P.C so I can’t say sh*t). I even downloaded Depop, an app to resell clothes and the likes. Someone even sold a photograph of a pair of Converse for £40. 

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As Marie Kondo would say, a lot of my ‘things’ weren’t ‘sparking joy’. This roughly translates to get rid of it. However, this is easier said than done. Where do you begin? Is it okay to sell a bikini you wore that one holiday and paid an exorbitant amount for just so you could possibly be featured on their Insta-page? Okay, so maybe that was just me. But, there are a lot of grey areas on how to sell, what to sell and is it worth selling? 

On the flip side, thrifting has become the new ‘cool’. In a world of fast fashion where factories pump out crop tops quicker than Kris Jenner can sign a million-dollar contract, it’s becoming a trend to thrift and recycle clothing where you can. Consumers are becoming more conscious with the age of Google and companies are starting to hop on the band-wagon. Slowly, but it’s happening. We are seeing luxury second-hand goods being sold in T.K Maxx and H&M’s recycle programme has been in the works since 2013. 

Second-Hand selling tips

All She Does x Rethread:

I am here to help answer these questions. Along with Alexa Schempers from Rethread (NL), we have opened the conversation around re-selling your wardrobe and buying second-hand. We chat about price-points, where to sell and how to sell. She tells us about her personal experience running a concierge service that sells your goods for you. We also banish the idea that shopping second-hand is “dirty” and how it will be a crucial player in our planet’s future.  Thanks to Alexa’s tips, I have also designed some epic flow-charts (who doesn’t love a flow-chart) to help you on your personal journey of selling and buying.

Alexa gives some invaluable tips on where to sell or buy depending on where you are based. If you’re in South Africa; consider Luxity and Yaga. If you’re in Europe, the U.K or The Netherlands; have a look at Vestaire Collective, Rethread, The Next Closet, Depop, United Wardrobe or Vinted. Otherwise, if your item is looking a little bit worn (let’s be realistic here) – you can always donate it. Your earning: Good Karma. 

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