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Styled Online: 1 Blazer, 5 Ways

You can find the full ‘styled-online’ session on my Youtube Channel here.

When Natalia got in touch with me to discuss the possibility of an online styling session, I was instantly intrigued. She threw me the idea of seeking out an item I had in my wardrobe that was lonely and getting little love. An item that was a toughy to style and took effort when planning an outfit. 

I am one for a quick ‘grab and go’ which often leaves me wearing the same combinations of clothing. I start to feel uninspired which leads me to the common thought of, “shit, I need new clothes” or “ugh, I have NOTHING to wear”. My poor boyfriend. He owns a few good white t-shirts and maybe two pairs of jeans so he’ll never understand my intense frustration when sitting in between two Everest’s of clothing and juxtaposition of me feeling like I’m lacking in the wardrobe department. 

The Blue Blazer

Last Summer, in Cape town, I bought a bright blue linen blazer from a well-known Aussie brand. It was already marked down from “overpriced” to “still overpriced but bearable”. So, due to the latter, I persuaded myself to buy it. I had visions of being a Spanish fashion icon, with my rare summer tan and wearing it with items I didn’t even own already. I even did the classic, “I’ll leave it here and come back and if it’s still here it’s meant to be”. 

Natalia, the owner of Style Assist, a personal styling platform, was the stylist on one of my first jobs when I was 16. It was a high-fashion short film and I was super awkward trying to fumble around in heels far too high for my juvenile capacity.

When Natalia threw me this idea of an online styling session, and I sent her a photo of the jacket, she responded with a well-thought-out mood board of outfit ideas. I pulled some pieces that matched the inspiration images and sent her an amateur film of it all piled on my bed.

I’m not sure how, but Natalia managed to whip up 5 unique and multi-tonal looks with a mix and match of textures from items I ALREADY HAVE. It didn’t only bring to light many ways I could wear this blazer, but plenty of ways I could wear the other clothing I had. Guess there’s a reason she does what she does. 

Look 1 -3:

We started with a good pair of denim jeans. These are a duo-denim Tommy Hilfiger jean I got on sale last year. Definitely think these are one of my best buys. Natalia then went for a double denim look bringing in a denim shirt, with black pleather detailing on the sleeves and front pockets. Then we layered with the blazer and a bright blue and black leather Michael Kors bag. I threw on a  little pair of black leather pumps which tied the look together.

Natalia also suggested I tailor the jacket’s sleeves however, if I didn’t want to I could ruche the sleeves to give a similar effect. 

styled online look 1

Then (this part blew my mind), she asked me to throw a little denim crop top OVER the denim shirt I had on. This gave a shirt that was casual and oversized a more refined look. It defined my waist and eliminated the casualness of just a denim shirt. It almost created a 3rd shirt with 2 separate shirts. 

styled online look 2
styled online look 3

Then, Natalia brought in a small sheer printed top of mine. Bear in mind, this is all with one pair of jeans and one pair of shoes. I’ve always struggled to wear this top as it is super sheer and a little out there with the colours. She layered it with the previous cropped denim top, which just brought a whole new feel to the look. It is still stylish and links the top to the denim jeans. We then threw on the blazer and it all just worked, again. With the ruched sleeves, the leopard also stuck out a little bit which connected it all together. She is a genius! 

Using 3 tops I had in my closet, we created almost 6 combos of how to wear them.

Look 4:

styled online look 4

We kept on the sheer leopard top and threw on a pleather dress that I also struggle to wear. It’s super low-cut so keeping the sheer top as an undergarment was a smart choice. She then styled it with little fishnet socks, the same black pumps ( are you seeing a pattern here? Reusing things I already have to create new looks ). We then chucked on the blazer. Natalia suggested the blazer as more of an ‘accessory’ to this look. As in, when you get to where you need to be, it might not always be on. It works nicely but doesn’t have to always steal the limelight. 

Look 5:

styled online look 5

This look was one of my favourites. This look has tonal nudes with an Acne t-shirt I bought in Paris and a pair of beige shorts. Natalia suggested I add a printed scarf to jazz it up. I didn’t have one but it is now on my very small and decreasing list of things to buy. She then paired it with, once again going tonal, a pair of beige pumps. And here we are, styling plenty looks with only 2 pairs of shoes. 

I loved the suggestion of a high pony as Natalia pointed out this could be a good look for a cosmetics casting. The nude tones amplified my facial features and didn’t distract. Bringing in the blazer without ruched sleeves means I am a little more covered in the top area as my legs are bare. The blue also brought out my eye colour which is also a win for a makeup or beauty casting. 

And then we…

…continued to chat about our first shoot together and how we are keeping busy during social distancing. I open up about modelling at a young age and how the industry has shaped me into who I am today. We speak about how we think the fashion industry will be affected by COVID-19 and how stripping things back and decluttering will be the new mantra. We celebrated this time to be creative but also settled in feelings of gratitude for our health and those on the frontline doing their utmost to help those in need during this time. 

I certainly left feeling inspired, not only by my own wardrobe but also by creating and being part of something nouveau. For the full video of us chatting, playing and styling, click here. 

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