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The Best Massage of My Life: Linnaean in London

As you probably know, I am a huge fan of self-care. Even though the term has been exhausted in recent years – I feel it’s still a very necessary act. Due to COVID-19, the world was forced into a bit of a hush. In turn, it forced us to delve deep into our innate nature to nurture and protect. It also brought rise to a newfound appreciation for health, vitality and a robust immune system. As we get back into the ebb and flow of everyday life, it’s important to still fit in the sit-downs and pauses. Places like Linnaean are here to help us switch off and root right back into those moments of calm.

I’ve been following the latest health and wellness trends for a few years now. I shamelessly hop onto band-wagons and will be the first to tell you whether a new diet, treatment or product has or hasn’t worked for me. I’m rather subjective in this regard, however, I am learning to approach all methods with an open mind. Lymphatic drainage massage has always intrigued me. Victoria’s Secret models swear by this treatment and athletes alike factor it into their busy schedules. I knew about the benefits but had never taken the plunge myself. 


Linnaean boasts an array of body treatments in their certified medi-spa. Their facialist, Florina, is one of a kind. I’ve harped on about her before but it seems this is a common thread at Linnaean. Nothing makes me feel more secure than a therapist that knows their stuff. Someone who treats you with the same excitement they would their first client. Maria, who treated me to my lymphatic drainage massage, was exactly the same. 

Pre-treatment I was well-informed as to how the massage would proceed. I was given the lowdown on the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage and wood therapy – which is Maria’s secret weapon for taking your experience to the next level. I was able to pick and choose the oil that best suited me for the treatment. Words like sculpting, shaping, soothing, calming and contouring all stood out to me and I knew I would be in for an experience.


linnaean london massage
The variety of tools and tinctures used during Maria’s treatment

Maria greeted me with warmth and vibrancy that ensured I was in good hands. To explain the treatment in one word, I’d describe it as effective. The products used are filled with botanical aromas which grounded me immediately. Her toolkit comprises oils and tinctures that have purifying, detoxifying and draining effects. Maria continued with the lymphatic drainage massage using pressured strokes on every part of my body. She interchanged wooden tools to amplify the intensity, break down stubborn and stiff areas and stretch out my muscles. I’d done an intense barre class the day before so this was both a blessing and a curse – rolling out stiff quads is no joke. 

Maria’s perfect balance of pressure and precision left my body feeling sculpted, stretched, eased and light. I walked out of the treatment room feeling like I’d let go of a lot. Not only physically, mentally too. The interesting thing is the benefits of this treatment are not only in the immediate relief but in the days following. Your body will have the extra boost to pump out toxins, your immune system and metabolism will fire up again and your fascia will sing your praises. 


One of my favourite parts about Linnaean is that after all of the pampering, you can enjoy a vibrant and flavoursome meal at their plant-based eatery. The ingredients are chosen with care and their menu hosts a wide range of options from vegan and gluten-free chocolate pancakes to umami-packed mushrooms on toast. Don’t forget to grab some natural beauty products on your way out. Even though the real world is starting to get back on track, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take moments to fill your own cup and Linnaean is the perfect place to do it. 

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