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All you need to know about sheet masks

Face masks are a multi-faceted aspect of the beauty world. As the industry booms – our options seem to be increasing. Skincare-based face masks are on the rise due to an increase in maskne from the COVID-19 counterparts. This is an ode to the good old sheet mask. 

The science behind a sheet mask is that the light layer ensures whatever goodness the mask is providing penetrates the skin properly. I like to look at a sheet mask as an add-on to your skincare routine. My favourite way to incorporate them is pre-makeup. This ensures that your skin has had the ultimate prep and will be supple and glowy.

I love them as a travel accessory. Bored on the plane? Pop on a sheet mask.  Hotel-room jetlag got you down? Pop on a sheet mask.

Not only are they a skin booster but they’re a major mood booster, too. I am also a sucker for sneaking one in as a gift for a friend or family member. They’re a cute gesture and are affordable.

My Top 3:

Boutijour at Undone Store

Boutjiour Sheet Mask

I’m mad about this mask. Unique in its shape, Boutijour’s X-lifting Mask is a fast way to uplift and define your jawline. It’s also extra appropriate for the current times due to the tireless battering our lower face receives from the other masks we have to wear. It’s plumped with unique ingredients like white lotus and caffeine which help nourish the skin. Boutijour is one of the underrated yet boundary-pushing clean beauty brands found at Undone Store. Their online space is a hub for all things exciting in the beauty world. This mask is a conversation starter and the perfect gift for anyone (or just yourself).  Use my code UNDONEXMORGAN to receive 10% off your order!

Lumi Glo:

Lumi Glo Sheet Mask

I love local. South African born brand, Lumi Glo is a calming fusion of CBD and hyaluronic acid for that extra chill vibe. It is loaded with avocado and coconut oil for skin barrier repair, antibacterial benefits and UV protection. This mask is the one for a night in with a glass of Pinot Noir and a good movie. Did I mention it’s made from biodegradable bamboo fibre, too? Well, it is.  Founded by beauty guru, Shahnaz Loves Beauty, Lumi Glo is your cute sidekick to ultra-hydrated and super zen skin. 

Loops Beauty:

Loops Beauty Sheet Mask

Loops Beauty has a mask for every moment. Started by absolute babe and #girlboss Em Rata, these masks speak for every situation (they have cute names like Sunrise Service, Night Shift and Double Take). The masks are pumped with natural high-quality ingredients and are set to make you feel closer to being a goddess like the founder herself. Shop your first order here to get 20% off. Oh yes.

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