travel tips and hacks

Travel Tips and Hacks

Heading off on a plane soon? Here are my top travel tips! It’s been a while and we’re all a little rusty. My passport cover needed some serious wiping after a somewhat hibernation due to COVID-19. Nothing makes me happier than hauling out my suitcase and figuring out how many shoes are actually too many. Why is it always the shoes? Why do I convince myself I need 3 pairs of sandals? Well, I guess, there’s the “casual beach” pair. And then there’s the “going to a fancy place for dinner” pair and then theres the “sporty post-yoga”pair. So 3 pairs are totally justifiable right? Here are my top tips and hacks to minimise pre-flight jitters and make your journey as smooth as possible!


Always pack snacks! I will never forger paying the equivalent of a weeks rent on a small bag of roasted almonds in Dubai’s somewhat ridiculous airport. I was hungry and the only option I had was this poor bag of sad nuts or a Shake Shack burger. I would’ve opted for the latter any other day but my layover was short obviously the rest of the airport wanted their crinkle fries. Having learnt my lesson, I always carry snacks in my Stasher silicone pouches. I opt for nuts which will keep you full and won’t spike your blood sugar, berries for that extra anti-oxidant boost, a little organic dark choccie (Hu Kitchen obvs) and a wad of tea bags. Don’t forget your own reusable cup too! The air hostess’ will always fill your cup with hot water. A smile goes a long way.

Shower Essentials

Always try to decant your toiletries. I promise you don’t need a full-sized shampoo and conditioner to last you a week in Bali. You’ll be in and out of the water anyway and that extra 750g is NOT worth it. That could’ve been sandal pair number 4! I love the fiils cute-sized travel kit . Their aluminium bottles are exactly 100ml which is perfect for your carry-on. Their refillable products smell amazing, are completely non-toxic and their brand is totally environmentally friendly. We all know flying isn’t the best for Mama Earth but at least you know by including fiils on your journey you’re doing your bit.

Skin Essentials

Always pack skin-loving goodies. I love to pop into stores like Planet Organic the week before to get my usual snacks and ask the friendly staff at the beauty counter for some samples. They’re always happy to hand out and I usually fall in love with new products this way. I am that crazy person who sits on a flight with a face mask on and a literal FACE MASK on. Yep, I’m more than happy to cultivate collagen whilst keeping COVID at bay. Not only is it limited to face products, but I am always lathering on hand cream, a calming Aromastick, a magnesium sleep spray and body balm. I end up smelling better at the end of the flight than after a full spa day.

Last Bits

Always arrive early. Always carry a pen. Always pack 2 chargers (I’ve left mine in the airport before silly me). Always double-dose the vitamins before flying and whilst flying. Always be nice to the people at the airport. And always take a picture of the view outside of the airplane window and post it to your IG story. Even though it’s so overdone, we love to see it.

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