About Moi

image shot by @gavinkleinschmidt

Who is Morgan Shelly? Picture this: a twelve year old with zero co-ordination, long legs and big teeth thrown into the modelling world one editorial at a time. I shot my first Cosmopolitan editorial, doused in Gucci and red lipstick, whilst deciding which lumonescent skinny jeans I would wear that weekend.

Fast forward a few years, and I would be travelling the world as a full-time model. The dynamics of this industry have led me to believe that my life is way more interesting than it probably is so I thought I’d write a blog about all the things I do (hence, All She Does). Follow along with my favourite gym classes, travel hacks, fashion faves, self-care tips and all that jazz. Oh, and of course, I will write about food in the hopes of one day, getting invited to places for free food.

My goal is to create a space that encourages those to be creative with cooking, ask questions about skin and body care, be inspired by movement and gain insight into travel and wellness. I want it to be an honest representation of life and I gain most of my inspiration from you! 

I’ve always loved writing and being creative with my words so, why not put pen to paper? (rather, finger to keyboard – gotta love technology). Hopefully, you can take some of these things home with you. Regardless, I’d be happy that you’re reading my words.